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We understand that you want to be certain that participation in a CISV camp will be a worthwile experience for your child. Here you can find general information that will answer some of your questions. In our programmes, you can find programme specific information about the age range, duration and scope of each programme.

Although your child will make friends and have an exciting experience taking part in CISV, participation will have a much wider impact. Learn more about the positive effect CISV participation will have upon your child.

A complete family experience
Although it may be your child who goes to the CISV activity, the experience is not just for children; it is a complete family experience.

Your child - our priority
We understand that you want to be sure your child is in safe hands. We see our participants as our priority.

CISV is a charity. While financing of our quality operations is essential, we endeavour to keep costs down through sensible planning and professional delivery of our programmes.

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